Let’s get interactive!

In 2010, we had a blast seeing through several noteworthy events and installations, and ensuring that visitors leave the premise with a deep and lasting impression. Of those projects that we have a hand in, we noticed that there is a strong demand in solutions that allows greater interactivity between the host and the guests, eliminating the need for more face time. This includes the advertising-friendly Digital Signage and the interactive digital machine – Touch Screen Panels.

Check out this video for demonstrations


Our blog is born!

As you celebrate the birth of Year 2011, we are popping the champagne to commemorate the birth of our new baby!

Yes, you are staring right at our new darling – Ascend’s blog corner! We do admit that it is no longer a new form of online media, and in fact, we may be one of the late bloomers. But hey, it is never too late to get on board the train so long as our customers hop on with us!

On this very first entry, we have to do a bit of blatant advertising on Ascend…oops.