Ascend announces the launch of its new website

Over the past few weeks we made you wonder what was it that we were ‘cooking’ to bring you closer to us virtually. Well, it is finally here! The new look of our website is now available for you to explore.

Redesigned with a vibrant user-friendly experience and updated with comprehensive information about our products and services, we intend to provide initial support and information to answer our client’s most common questions.

Here are some highlights of the new site that you shouldn’t miss!

  1. Dual Language Content – a fresh feel and approach is applied on the text that is accessible both in English & Chinese.
  2. Equipment & Products page – not only did we upgrade our list but also we made it available for you to view with full specifications and images shown in each item.
  3. What We Provide – this page provides actual videos of our services and solutions we catered to our existing clients.
  4. Blog – you can now get the latest insights about our company by simply clicking the direct link to our blog.
  5. Content Management System – our website was designed and built using CMS this is so that we can update timely information easily and effectively.

Now, take a peek and tell us what you think as you explore its new features.

Enjoy browsing!


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