NCS uses Social Photo Kiosk at World Cities Summit

Social Photo Kiosk was installed to attract attention and increase visitors’ traffic at NCS exhibition stand during the recent World Cities Summit 2012.

The social photo kiosk was also used to generate leads and increase NCS database while giving their visitors a photo souvenir of their visit.

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Take a look at the visitor experience at the Social Photo Kiosk here.

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Getting to know the Earth in an interactive way

We recently produced an awesome interactive multi-media solutions at the Earth & Space section at The Science Centre.

One of the solutions includes unique projection on the shape of Earth showcasing the different characteristics of the Earth and other planets in the Universe. The whole visual & effects makes you feel like you are looking at the planets from the space, educating and captivating at the same time.

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Another interesting solution is the engaging and fun interactive message board, where visitors can do an instant post-it of their personal feedback on the 65” screen in the exhibition area.

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