Titanic – The Exhibition

It has been 100 years when the iconic ship submerged in the Antarctic Ocean. To remember this historic event, Ascend has been involved in its recreation in Titanic – The Exhibition at Venetian Macau.

To create an exciting and dramatic experience, we strategically and artistically installed LED lighting, video projections and sound systems at various iconic sections of the liner.

Visitors are welcome with a large image of Titanic with some interesting lighting transitions when they enter the exhibition.

Artifacts of the sunken ship were placed on the man-made sea bed at the Discovery Room. The whole actual effect of immersing in the ocean was created with special lighting effects on the see-through glass panels.

The stunning installation of LED lights invites every visitor to stargaze along the ship’s Promenade Deck.

This interactive exhibition will run until February 2013 and we’re delighted to be part of the team that brings back the tale, tribute and tragedy of the largest, most legendary ship in the world.


One thought on “Titanic – The Exhibition

  1. Wow! Should be a powerful and impressive recreation. It’s cool to see what you can do with the technology these days.

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