The Art of the Brick

This is an exhibit that truly brings back your childhood memories! See how LEGO bricks can turn into beautiful masterpieces at The Art of the Brick exhibition happening now at Art Science Museum until April 2013.

More than to simply illuminate, we were tasked to provide creative lighting to boost up an immersive atmosphere of the exhibit. An array of lighting equipment were carefully installed to provide dynamic effects and emphasis on the presentation of each artwork.

To compliment with the swimming human brick masterpiece, a water ripple lighting effect was installed to create an aquatic environment.

Special gobo lighting fixtures were also used to further highlight a background scenery during the Dinosaur era together with this giant T-Rex relic brick masterpiece.

The fog lighting effect is bold enough to draw the visitor at the same time subtle enough that it doesn’t take away the focus from this human brick masterpiece .

It’s a pleasure to see how our lighting installations played an important part in the overall ambiance of the exhibition. If you need help in creating an immersive experience in your gallery or next exhibit, feel free to contact us to discuss the best available option for you.



One thought on “The Art of the Brick

  1. Impressive fixtures! Going there this weekend.

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