Eyes of an Intern – by Jordan

Well, when everyone heard about them having internship, most of them were giving out a huge sigh, I wasn’t an exception because it means I got to work throughout the semester!

On the first day of internship, everything seems unfamiliar to me (Duh!). But one thing that I like about Ascend is that it isn’t like those typical corporate firms where you need to wear formals. Instead, Ascend allows you to wear smart casuals so long you complete the task given to you. I’m pretty sure they are even fine with you wearing singlet and slippers (just for laugh).

Intern exploring Kinect

Overall experience for my internship here was incredibly great! Doing stuff that I have been taught in poly and then get to apply the knowledge I gained from poly. Also, I was involved in development of gesture based interactive with Kinect and Leap Motion. I’m so grateful towards my supervisor, Jason who has given me so many opportunities to try out different software and technologies. Not forgetting to mention, I was assist in creating the company Christmas e-Card but of course, with much guidance and advises from fellow colleagues.

Image2 - intern

Besides the work in proper, the Ascend-ians and I hang out for lunch and dinner quite often. I can still remember that we went to Sentosa Wavehouse for Christmas celebration and gift exchange last year. All we did that day was surfed, ate and laughed! We had so much fun together even though we all felt like an Egyptian mummy on the following day.

I really love how Ascend foster their work culture — one where employees are encouraged to work hard and play hard. So I strongly recommend to those who are looking for internship, don’t give this company a miss! I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to learn new stuff here at Ascend!


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