Late Dr. Sun Yat Sen & His Family Exhibition

A special exhibition on Dr. Sun Yat Sen and his family was recently taken place at Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall.


We were tasked to provide a few interactive displays featuring late Dr. Sun Yat Sen and his family. In honour of the contribution of Dr. Sun Yat Sen and his family, the interactive are designed to showcase their background as well as their strong family ties. Meanwhile, it aims to keep the younger generations engaged and appealed to learn more about Dr. Sun Yat Sen by incorporating interactive technology into the exhibition.

Dr. Sun Yat Sen’s family tree – this serves as an introduction panel for the guests to find out more on each and every family member of Sun Yat Sen. The information is available in both Chinese and English.

SYS-2 SYS-2b

A family tree mini quiz has also been installed in the exhibition, allowing visitors to explore and understand the relationship between one-self and other family members. One of the highlights of this interactive is that the featured family members on screen are dressed in accordance to the characters lived – the early settlers wore plain clothes in older days while the younger gens wear fashion clothing. We are hoping that such treatment will appeal to the youngsters and enable them to relate to the family tree easily.

3a 3

We have also developed a farming game that caters for the children and primary school students. The background of Dr. Sun Yat Sen where he grew up in a farming village inspired us to create this game. We wish to educate the children on the process of farming and raising poultry in the olden days. For instance, the children get the chance to learn about the farming information such as production period and growing tips through the game besides having fun.

4 SYS-4b

All in all, “Dr. Sun Yat Sen and His Family” exhibition was a successful one that has gathered a warm response from publics. Ascend is honoured to have had the opportunity to work with Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall and Gallagher & Associates Asia to succeed the event.

You may catch the recent episode of “Art is awesome 艺点就通” where the exhibition is being featured.

We hope you enjoy this little post. If you wish to find out more what we can offer for you, please click here to talk to Ascend-ians today.

Happy Monday and have a blessed week!


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