Ascend Com’s Smart Pop-up Store – Bringing Retail to Life


Ascend Com is delighted to partner with Kingsmen Project Pte Ltd, to develop Robinsons the Heeren first ever smart retail pop-up store aimed at providing retailers with analytics in order to optimise their product offerings and bringing retail to life.

The smart pop-up retail space is embedded with in-store analytics hardware and software, allowing store and merchandise concentration to be tracked daily. Through media sensors, the footfall and kinetic map of a customer’s movement are captured daily and then insightful data is generated, enabling brand merchants to effectively offer relevant additional products or content offerings based on the data they gathered.

Using smart pop-up store (i.e. retail analytics), brands within Robinsons are empowered to engage their customers in a more unique, personalised way beyond the traditional departmental store. For instance, Robinsons the Heeren can reformat visual merchandise displays after identifying their main target group for various promotion campaigns etc.

At Ascend Com, we believe that the greatest success is always achieved by brands’ or retailers’ who have done their homework through constant consumer traffic and behaviour monitoring. Fret not, we are here to help you to get the right information to the right people at the right time! Contact us now at!


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