From selecting a booth design to the design of marketing materials, every tasks adds up to one’s busy schedule. We can only imagine the kind of stress that company executive would face if they are taking part in multiple trade exhibitions within a year. How do we know?

Well, in June this year, we participated in CommunicAsia which was held at Marina Bay Sands. With only 4 weeks to plan for this booth, we had to ask ourselves some serious questions 1) What was the key objective of this marketing initiative and 2) how are we going to tell visitors what we do.

After brainstorming with our internal creative team, we have decided that our booth needs to be able to attract visitors from afar and we needed some form of visitor engagement that allows visitors to learn about our company in an experiential way.

Check out what we did at CommunicAsia: https://youtu.be/mkXtI4KR_hk




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