Titanic – The Exhibition

It has been 100 years when the iconic ship submerged in the Antarctic Ocean. To remember this historic event, Ascend has been involved in its recreation in Titanic – The Exhibition at Venetian Macau.

To create an exciting and dramatic experience, we strategically and artistically installed LED lighting, video projections and sound systems at various iconic sections of the liner.

Visitors are welcome with a large image of Titanic with some interesting lighting transitions when they enter the exhibition.

Artifacts of the sunken ship were placed on the man-made sea bed at the Discovery Room. The whole actual effect of immersing in the ocean was created with special lighting effects on the see-through glass panels.

The stunning installation of LED lights invites every visitor to stargaze along the ship’s Promenade Deck.

This interactive exhibition will run until February 2013 and we’re delighted to be part of the team that brings back the tale, tribute and tragedy of the largest, most legendary ship in the world.


The New Digital Advertising Display at Changi Airport T3

Another striking advertising display has been successfully installed in a very busy area of Changi Airport’s T3 transit hall. Transforming the usual airport post into a dynamic advertising design is the 360 degree (four-sided) configuration of 3 wide by 4 high seamless display walls.

Working closely with advertising agency JCDecaux, here’s a look at how content and digital design can work well together in capturing the attention of busy tourists and travelers in the city.

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Let us help you deliver your brand message in an awe-inspiring advertising medium like this! Contact us today for detailed information.

Getting to know the Earth in an interactive way

We recently produced an awesome interactive multi-media solutions at the Earth & Space section at The Science Centre.

One of the solutions includes unique projection on the shape of Earth showcasing the different characteristics of the Earth and other planets in the Universe. The whole visual & effects makes you feel like you are looking at the planets from the space, educating and captivating at the same time.

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Another interesting solution is the engaging and fun interactive message board, where visitors can do an instant post-it of their personal feedback on the 65” screen in the exhibition area.

 Contact us to hear more about our interactive solutions.

iTable & Wiz-Suite Combined

Ever wonder how you can integrate the use of multitouch technology in your business? Here’s a taster of our iTable preloaded with our Wiz-Suite applications video.

Feel free to contact us to discuss how our Multimedia team can assists you apply this technology in your business today!

Let’s Get in Touch with Laser Touch!

We all know that technology gives a leeway to bring us the impossible. What seemed to be a science fiction yesterday is already part of reality today!

From the family of natural-based interface devices comes the Minority Report-style (gesture) interface that creates an interactive multi-touch application on each surface or object that can be used as image area –Laser Touch.

Be it your hands, feet or any other object, you’ll surely be able to control and interpret your movements in a define area.

In this demo video, you will see a great variety of applications we can control and benefit from.

Comes with easy installation, this innovation is definitely helpful to install in flight control room, theatre performances and an interesting digital approach to showcase products in retail sectors.

Interested yet? Let us help you bring this technology in your business today!

Start New Trend over Coffee with Multitouch Coffee Table!

It’s a usual setting in a corporate world that business transaction begins over coffee.

As part of our promise to provide you satisfying interactive touch technology experience, we are now officially bringing in a Multi-Touch Coffee Table that would definitely help you maintain a smooth and active discussion and at the same time getting your client involved by running through the preloaded applications with their fingertips.

Conceptualized by PQ Labs, this Multi-touch Coffee Table is an ideal presentation & display tool in meeting rooms, reception and lobby area. Once you have invited clients over for coffee on this Multi-touch Coffee table, you are sure to have created an impressive impact and recall for your product.

While you do the talking, this coffee table will help you do the visuals. (Photo from PQ Labs)

Just like a normal coffee table, you can conveniently place your glasses and mugs on top of it. (Photo from PQ Labs)

Similarly, it’s also a great interactive furniture to showcase your products in restaurants, bars, retail shops and kiosks.

So the next time you invite your client for a coffee, make sure you have your own Multi-touch Coffee Table to display as well!

Ascend’s 9×4 Video Wall Used in JCDecaux’s Campaign

If you have been to the infamous ChangiAirport– Terminal 3 recently, you would definitely have come across (and perhaps stopped for a moment to watch) at the two huge free-standing LCD wall displayed at the departure area.

You guessed it right! Team Ascend fabricated it.

Each 9×4 LCD video wall consists of 36 pieces of 46” LCD screens. This is currently being used by out-of-home advertising agency JC Decaux as one of their marketing tool in promoting their brands to the world.

One of the two giant video wall displayed at Changi Airport, Terminal 3

Looking at this well-exposed finished product, we, at Ascend could say that a week-long and extended hour of installation period spent by our dedicated team of AV technicians was all worth it!

Want to have your own gigantic display too? Give us a buzz at (65) 6846 0903 or email enquiry@ascendcom.com.sg now!