We Have Docked At Sea Asia 2019

In focus at the opening ceremony of Sea Asia 2019, we are proud to be the official AV & IT Network provider for this remarkable event! Great job to our designers & video production team for the amazing launch mechanics that kick-start the event.





Watch our full launch here:






Check out our 3-sided projection immersive room!

Be submerged and absorbed into the immersive sensory video experience that is fresh & new. The integration of the contents into the individual projectors is remarkable!

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-25 at 4.38.11 PM (1)WhatsApp Image 2019-03-25 at 4.38.11 PMWhatsApp Image 2019-03-25 at 4.38.08 PM (1)WhatsApp Image 2019-03-25 at 4.45.03 PM

See our beautiful immersive projection here – https://drive.google.com/file/d/10sQdfVRMcppAuJx6RFqa1G9ElMwHpVGF/view?usp=sharing

The V-ZUG Singapore Pop Up Activation Event is open to the public!

Venue: Outdoor Area @ Scotts Square

Dates: 21-27 March 2019

Time: 10am – 10pm daily


See you there! 🙂

Our 2nd DIGITAL LAB, Our Latest Pride!

Check out our latest DIGITAL LAB @ The Kingsmen Experience, 22 Changi Business Park Central 2, #04-05, Singapore 486032!

Launched on 23rd Jan 2019, it was in conjunction with Kingsmen Creatives official opening of their new building.

Here’s a snippet of what we’ve done for the launch – https://vimeo.com/314156101

We’ve got many more new interesting solutions like the immersive room, interactive mirror screen, transparent LED panels, RFID technologies and multiple gamifications.

Feel free to just walk in to check out our latest pride! You may also make an appointment with us @ 6846 0903 or Marketing.ascendcom@gmail.com.

We hope to see you there!


launch image 1

launch image 2






Virtually Versailles: A Digital Exploration

We are certainly proud to be part of this prestigious project.

We have managed to bring in various types of highly immersive and interactive technology to showcase the greatness of the Versailles’s historical landmarks.

From 360-degree LED immersive palace rooms, to interactive video walls and projections, and to fun and entertaining sensory bicycle cycling experience, we sure did gave the most holistic encounter you can have!

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-03 at 5.15.24 PM

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-03 at 5.15.24 PM (1)

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-03 at 5.15.23 PM (1)

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-03 at 5.15.25 PM (1)

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-03 at 5.15.28 PM (3)

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-03 at 5.15.27 PM

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-03 at 5.15.27 PM (1)

Drop by ION Sky to take a look at our amazing work!!!

Free Admission till 6 January 2019 🙂

It’s Another Successful Closure for SPIKES 2018

We are once again happy to be part of the events team for SPIKES 2018 – The most inspiring creative festival in Asia Pacific! With the theme of learning, inspiration and creative communications, it is sure an interesting event that many individuals looked out for every year.

Taking part in this event for more than 9 years, our enthusiastic events team is also always looking forward and ready for this yearly exciting event. Starting from planning to executing, we’ve worked together to bring captivating & contemporary contents and digital solutions throughout the show. Together with amazing lightnings and sound systems to provide the wonderful experience, we are all happy to close the event beautifully once again!

Aside to that, we will also like to thank Tara for the wonderful testimonial! We are honoured to work with you guys every year too!

Hi Marvin,

I just wanted to email to say a massive thank you to you and your team. SPIKES was amazing and any last minute problems you was able to support us and sort them out very quickly.

You supplied everything we needed and it was another great year working with you.

Thank you!

Best wishes,

Tara Dower

Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity

Fantastic job guys!

2018-09-27 08.18.31

2018-09-27 08.19.31

2018-09-27 08.20.07

2018-09-27 08.56.16

2018-09-27 11.49.17

2018-09-28 09.12.27

2018-09-28 09.16.01

2018-09-28 09.15.45

2018-09-28 09.15.00

2018-09-28 09.14.25

2018-09-28 09.12.33

2018-09-26 15.52.44

Go Digital! At the Singapore Retail Industry Conference and Exhibition (SRICE) 2018


“Discover. Digitalise. Deliver!” is what we need in this new age retail industry. Discover the newest concepts, strategies and advancements in retailing, and transform your retail business with more engaging and interactive digital solutions.

Ascend Com is delighted to join the delegates to discuss on the challenges and contemporary trends, e-learning, mobile payments & business management, as well as digital marketing. It is definitely not the traditional way of those dull, static deliverables anymore, but instead, it’s the customisable digital content to gain more public attention and awareness for the retail future. Find out how our innovative ideas and products can comprehend to all your retail marketing needs!

Create a Big Wow factor for your customers by installing our animated digital LED panels at your events and road shows. A big thank you to our in-house creative team to carefully piece every water droplet together to give the entire design a natural waterfall feel that catches the attention of every delegate that has walked passed our booth.


Also, with the more interactive and engaging way, the Kinect transparent screens have kept the delegates moving. Get all your movement captured immediately and have fun by moving your arms to draw strokes on the big transparent LED board. And yes, they are transparent! This means that they are definitely suitable for your shop front windows!


In addition, we had our product recognition table at the event too. Using the RFID technology, it captures the associated orientation or chip embedded into the object to display the information accordingly. It sparked the delegates’ interest to find out more on the projects and solutions that we have done.  Simply a swipe and you will be able to read the information that you need.


Go Digital for the future of your retail industry! Share your ideas with us and our creative specialists will craft out customized digital interactive solutions. Get your customers engaged with you digitally today!

5 Quick Facts about Digital Signage

Over recent times, we have seen a phenomenal rise in the number of brands using Digital Signage to transform their traditional bricks-and-mortar stores and to engage their customers more effectively.

As we walk around shopping malls, fashion boutiques, retail stores, restaurants and even galleries, seeing LED Screens, LCD Screens or Interactive Way-finding Directory has become commonplace. The concept is simple: a display in public places which utilizes video or multimedia features to advertise or inform. These displays come in all shapes and sizes.


A key factor in making the switch from traditional advertising to a digital signage solution is the advantages that digital signage offers. So, here are 5 quick facts (or benefits) about digital signage solutions.

8 out of 10 customers have entered a store because of a digital signage catching their interest.

68% of consumers are influenced to make an unplanned, impulse purchase after seeing digital signage.

Digital Signage helps minimise wait time – up to 35% decrease in perceived wait time.

Stores with digital signage displays experience a 30% average increase in upswing sales volume.

1 out of 4 customers (25%) wants to be able to see an extended range of products on screen via an in-store solution.

No matter what type of digital signage you are considering, there are loads of facts and figures out there to convince you that it is a great investment with a technology that is still on the rise.

For help setting up an easy-to-use, affordable digital signage system, get in touch with our specialist today at (65) 6846 0903 or enquiry@ascendcom.com.sg!