Volkswagen launches New Golf

Volkswagen Golf Time Tunnel

No. 7 Golf.  We help to create the launch of No. 7 Golf experience.

Located at Volkswagen Center  guests were greeted with a walk-through of digital tunnel that showcases the evolution of the New Golf series, from the firstborn in 1974 till No. 6. And  No. 7 Golf model is revealed in the showroom for all Volkswagen fans to have the first look and touch.

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Land of Fantasy: Kingsmen Annual Dinner & Dance

Land of Fantasy

Ascend team were on hand to provide Watchout Production, Lighting & Audio-Visual support for this year’s Kingsmen Annual Dinner & Dance.

With a theme “Land of Fantasy”, Kingsmen employees and their families were treated in fun-filled evening of cocktails, food, awesome lucky draw prizes and dazzling entertainment from individual team competition.

One of the highlight Ascend provided is the thematic and engaging stage backdrop integrating video, audio, graphics, animations, video live feed and Power Point presentation into one vibrant Watchout production.

In addition, ambient and stage lighting were also made available to transform the entire ballroom into a magical environment.