A closer look at the No.7 Golf Experience

The launch of Volkswagen’s No.7 Golf was a showcase of digital display; from the walk through entrance right up to the main showroom where the No.7 is presented in flesh.

We were commissioned to create a 30-seconds Watchout content that features the evolution of Golf series since its creation in 1974. All car series shared the limelight in a 1×7 seamless video wall.

To further engage with guests, an attention-grabbing 2×2 seamless video wall is placed at center of the showroom floor where a dynamic video of No.7 is played.

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Video Wall Displays, top trend at Singapore Airshow

Singapore Airshow has now wrapped up and promises to be back on February 2014. But before we finally close this chapter, we wouldn’t want to miss sharing you the big trends used by many of the exhibitors during the event.

We have seen the demand and popularity of Video Wall technologies. Although not surprising, it is great to see how exhibiting companies have swiftly utilized digital and interactive displays in getting guests and reaching out to their prospective clients.

Installed in different sizes and configurations, some of these large and striking displays were also transformed into an interactive presentation centre – just like what we did for JTC booth.

Here are some photos of video walls showcased at Singapore Airshow.

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